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The furniture covering trend

March 12, 2024

Give your furniture a new lease of life

Furniture covering offers a creative and personalized way of renovating furniture that has lost its lustre. The technique involves using decorative adhesive film specially designed to cover and transform furniture. Replacing an old-fashioned living room or kitchen can be expensive and time-consuming.

That's why the adhesive film used for covering is an effective way of bringing new color, texture and even design to an old bookcase, coffee table, dressing room, countertop, console or cabinet.

An original and versatile renovation technique

The covering trend is suitable for a wide variety of furniture. Furniture film can be applied to all smooth-surfaced materials, guaranteeing optimum adhesion and professional results. But don't stop at furniture alone! You can also use covering to highlight specific interior details such as door frames, drawers or the sides of furniture.

Furniture covering: a cost-effective decoration solution

Covering furniture with decorative adhesive is an inexpensive option for interior renovation. That's why decorators love this fast, effective technique. It enables them to offer their customers fast, cost-effective renovation services, accessible to even the most modest budgets.

Covering is an environmentally-friendly technique

In these crucial times for our planet, furniture covering can be considered an environmentally-friendly technique for interior renovation. It avoids wasting furniture in good condition by transforming its design. For this reason, covering also fits in with another current trend: second-hand and upcycling.

Instead of throwing out old furniture, simply renovate it. This reduces the production of waste and the replacement of functional furniture with new.

Decorative film for furniture boosts your creativity

Furniture covering is an innovative technique that lets your imagination run wild. It also offers the opportunity to create 100% unique and personalized furniture.

This is a significant advantage in a society where even interior design is becoming increasingly standardized. With renovation vinyl, everyone can have an interior that reflects their image, without the need for time-consuming work.

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