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For the installation of Cover Styl, what is the difference between Primer and Primer +?

The Primer is a water-based bonding liquid for porous surfaces that absorb and the Primer + is solvent-based for laminated and hard (non-absorbent) surfaces. The application of the water-based primer is done on the entire surface while the solvent primer is applied only at the edges, corners and all critical points.

What are the technical characteristics of Cover Styl products?

Cover Styl is made of PVC vinyl with an acrylic-based glue on the back protected by silicone-coated paper and a printed outer layer. You can consult the technical data sheets for the products on our website or contact us for more information.

Are all your decorative films in stock?

There is a green range of adhesive coverings that is available directly and a red range of products available within 1-4 weeks.

If we order your Cover Styl vinyls from Europe, what is the delivery time?

We offer a standard service (2 to 4 working days) and an express service (1 to 2 working days) depending on the country and the city in Europe.

What is the difference between a green and an orange reference?

Green references are in stock with a minimum order of 2ML for installers/certified personnel. The red references are available within 1-4 weeks with a minimum order of 10ML and in multiples of 10ML. As for blue references, this is a mix between references intended to be discontinued and those for which the manufacturer forces us to place a minimum order.

What are the dimensions of the rolls?

The full range is 1,22m wide and the length can vary between 20, 30 or 50ML.

What does a Cover Styl roll weigh?

A full roll weighs between 25 and 35kg.

What Cover Styl references are scratch-resistant?

The super finish (Soft Touch) range from the winter collection.

Are the Architectural Interior Film fire certified?

Yes, contact us for more information.

Apart from the Primer, do I need other products for the application of an Architectural Interior Film?

A cutter, squeegee, and heat gun if you need to stretch the coating. If there is a preparation on the surface that must be done before application, we recommend using the right products compatible with that surface.

How do I calculate the number of MLs I need ?

The total size of the surface to be covered / 1,22m * 20%. Since the size of our rolls is 1,22m, always add 20% more for scrap.

How often does your range change?

We change our range every two/three years but we always keep 70-90% of the green range.

Where do the Cover Styl products originate from?

We buy this product from several manufacturers around the world.

Can we ship the Primer and Primer + outside the EU?

No, because they are chemicals and cannot be shipped by air.

How do I make the joints when I lay an architectural vinyl?

The ideal is to have an overlap of 2 to 3cm.

Is your Cover Styl product environmentally friendly?

Yes, because we use an existing material, this avoids overproduction by industrial companies which would have to produce more and therefore pollute more.

What is the price of your Cover Styl coatings?

The price depends on the reference used and the surface to be covered. Contact us for a quote.

What is the price of your training for the application of adhesive coatings?

We have various offerings for training. You can find all the information here: https://www.coverstyl.com/en/landing/3

Is it possible to get samples of your Cover Styl references?

Yes, we can send you an A5 sample of each of our references. Contact us to order them.

Is it possible to get a set of all your photos?

Please visit our Pinterest account: https://www.pinterest.com/solarscreeninternational/

Can we order a film online on your Cover Styl site?

We do not offer this possibility. Please contact us to be redirected to a sales representative.

What is a self-adhesive coating?

A self-adhesive coating is a vinyl covering that can be applied to walls, furniture or doors. It is the ideal solution for any interior decoration or renovation and perfectly recreates the materials (wood, marble, textile, metallic, glitter, leather, natural stone, solid colour) since most of these adhesive vinyls have a structure.

Why use an adhesive coating?

Compared to other renovation methods, an adhesive coating is easier and faster to apply. It is also more durable and enables you to renovate your furniture rather than throw it away.

Why use an adhesive coating rather than paint?

It is a non-invasive solution that does not generate dust or odour. It's faster, easier to maintain and has better resistance. With an adhesive film, the result is more structured and very realistic visually and to the touch. Also, you will not have to close your establishment during the renovation and, of course, with paint, a fresh coat would be necessary after a while; with Cover Styl, its appearance does not change.

Can you apply a decorative film in boats?

Yes, and we also have a certification for the application of our Cover Styl adhesive coatings in maritime environments.

Can adhesive coatings be applied in hospitals?

Yes, you can apply an adhesive coating in a hospital and our products have a large laboratory-tested antibacterial capacity.

Will the adhesive vinyl shrink over time?

Calendared PVC may show a small amount of shrinkage over the years (2 to 3 mm), this is why it is recommended to leave an overlap between the strips.

Will the adhesive vinyl lose its colour?

No, the adhesive vinyl will not lose its colour because it is UV treated.

How do you clean an adhesive vinyl?

Just use a cloth and water to clean an adhesive vinyl. It is not necessary to use a special product, however, preferably use a solution with a neutral PH.

Can you apply one coating on top of another?

Certainly, you can easily apply an adhesive coating on top of another. It is of course not recommended to do this for coatings that are too structured like leather, glitter, etc. It is recommended not to apply more than 3 coatings on top of each other.

Can I apply adhesive vinyl myself?

Yes, but we recommend that you take part in our training or contact a professional for optimal results. However, if you want to apply our films by yourself, you can find installation tutorial videos on our YouTube channel.

Can you print on decorative film?

It is possible to print on our Cover Styl with a UV printer.

Are the adhesive vinyls moisture resistant?

Yes, the majority of our adhesive vinyls are moisture resistant, but depending on the application you may need silicone for the edges. Of course, we do not recommend ranges such as leather, glitter, etc.

Can you cover tile with adhesive vinyl?

Applying our adhesive coatings on tiling is entirely possible, you then decide whether you want to mark the joint or work the joint beforehand in order to have a flat surface.

Can adhesive coatings fit all shapes?

Most of the Cover Styl references are not intended only for application on a flat surface, they can stretch up to 15% in order to adapt to many surfaces.

Can you install the adhesive coverings in a bathroom?

Yes, the adhesive coatings are moisture resistant. You can apply them on shower, bathtub or bathroom furniture as long as the surface is clean before applying the vinyl. However, we advise you to apply silicone to edges in contact with water. Certain ranges are of course not recommended such as glitter, leather, etc.

Are the adhesive coverings repositionable?

Regarding Cover Styl coatings, it depends on the surface. They can be repositioned if the surface is smooth/laminated. However, the more you reposition the vinyl, the less effective the glue will be. Finally, on some surfaces (e.g. paint), repositioning the film will damage the surface and the film will no longer be able to be bonded. So be careful and use the services of a professional if necessary.

Are the adhesive coverings heat resistant?

The ideal application temperature for adhesive coatings is between 15 and 25 °C, so you can easily apply it in a house, hotel or office. Therefore, for example, avoid placing a very hot object such as a pan directly on the coating.

Are the adhesive films subject to scratching?

It depends on the coating. In fact, structured adhesive vinyls like the Wood range have few problems with scratches, unlike “smooth” vinyls like the Solid Colour range, for example. Our "Soft Touch" series is treated with a silicone that makes it even more robust with regard to scratches.

What do you do if there is a bubble when applying an adhesive film?

If there is a bubble when applying a decorative film, you can try to lift the film where the bubble is located (if a laminated surface, tiling, etc.). You can also make a small hole in the bubble and apply a little heat there.

Can you safely remove an adhesive coating?

It is entirely possible to remove a Cover Styl film without risk if it is applied to a laminated surface. However, if it is applied to wallpaper or paint for example, your original surface will be damaged.

How do you cut an adhesive coating?

For cutting an adhesive film, on surfaces where there is a risk of the film lifting, we recommend a 45° cut.

Can you apply an adhesive covering outside and on the floor?

You can install an adhesive covering outdoors or on the floor but we do not recommend it. Furthermore addition, the warranty does not apply if an adhesive film is applied on the floor or outdoors.

Where can you find Cover Styl coverings?

Our Cover Styl adhesive coatings are not sold in stores. To be redirected to a reseller or installer, you can directly contact us using the form on the contact page.