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Alternative to wallpaper: make your walls trendy in a few simple steps

October 4, 2022

Decorative vinyl is easy to hang

Do-it-yourselfers know that installing wallpaper is a real headache. Spreading glue on your lets, making sure each piece is properly applied to the surface, not leaving any air bubbles, respecting the drying time, making touch-ups... Isn't this your passion?

Turn instead to the alternative to wallpaper: decorative wall film. Easier and quicker to apply, it guarantees a foolproof result. With its adhesive side, it is stuck directly onto the surface (any smooth surface except the floor). Its installation is thus ultra fast and does not require time of drying.

Adhesive film is a more resistant alternative to wallpaper

Once your vinyl is installed, there is no risk of it coming off. While it is sometimes necessary to use glue on wallpaper, adhesive film for walls does not require any touching up.

Its outer layer is also stronger than a conventional wallpaper and protects your walls from scratches. The decorative adhesive coating does not leave any traces in case of rubbing or slight impact. This alternative to wallpaper is more resistant to wear and tear and UV rays. It is also perfectly suited to damp rooms, unlike conventional wallpaper which tends to curl or peel off in case of high humidity.

Installing adhesive wall film requires little material

Installing wallpaper requires a lot of preparation. Buying glue and preparing it, protecting the furniture and the floor, providing enough space to spread the glue... You will also need a second pair of hands to help you with the task, because sticking wallpaper by yourself is very difficult. With Cover Styl' wall vinyl, you can perfectly apply the decorative film yourself. Just use a cutter to trim the edges and a squeegee to avoid air bubbles.

Original and textured designs

You don't want a bland and simplistic decor in your home? Do you dream of noble materials and walls decorated according to the latest trends? How about walls with a wood effect vinyl, brick or natural stone?


Why not add a touch of glitter or even marble to your furniture? Thanks to a textured decorative vinyl, you can have fun with the materials of your choice with ease.

Cover Styl' offers alternatives to wallpaper with high-end adhesive wall films: wood effect, covering with marble effect, stone, and even metal. Very realistic, they will help you transform a bedroom, a kitchen, a corporate office or any room of your choice.