What is home staging?
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What is home staging?

March 5, 2024

Depersonalizing space

First of all, to enable new buyers to project themselves into their future home, it's essential to make the living space as neutral as possible. Family photos, personal effects, accessories and decorative elements are removed to depersonalize the house or apartment.

Furnishing the living space

It's important that the space visited by future tenants or buyers is bright and spacious. For successful home staging, bulky furniture is usually removed. This not only makes it easier to move around the house, but also gives future buyers a better idea of how much space they have to fill their home.


Harmonizing decoration

Interior decoration is sometimes a reflection of the hectic life a house has known over the years, and of the different owners who have succeeded one another. Outdated wallpaper, flashy wall paint, traces of frames and paintings on the walls... The aesthetic choices made by the previous occupants will not always be to the taste of the new clients. In home staging, it's customary to decorate the interior in a sober, modern style. For a quick renovation, there's no need to undertake extensive work.

A coat of white paint or a layer of adhesive film on the wall may be all that's needed to make a place more welcoming and pleasant to visit. As for furniture, a kitchen counter or built-in bookcase can also be renovated in a few simple steps using decorative adhesive film.

Minor repairs

To highlight the assets of a house, future business premises, apartment or store, it's essential to present the space in good condition. This means that future buyers shouldn't notice holes in the walls, broken light fittings, leaks or dents in the floor when they visit. Minor repairs are a key step in home staging.

Thorough cleaning

Impeccable cleanliness of the space is one of the key elements of home staging. Bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, balconies and outbuildings... The property must be thoroughly cleaned to avoid unpleasant surprises during the visit. So it's essential to wash floors, carpets and windows, as well as to treat any mold or traces of dampness.

The importance of home staging

The staging and renovation of a house or apartment for sale is generally carried out by a renovation and home staging professional. It is essential to maximize the property's appeal to a wide range of buyers.

Explain to your customers that it's a profitable investment to speed up the sale or rental of their property.

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