What are the cooking trends for 2024?
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What are the cooking trends for 2024?

June 3, 2024

Fluted wood: the star material of modern kitchens

Every year, wood furniture takes on new forms and brings with it a host of ultra-design ideas.

A timeless material, wood is a safe bet if you want to renovate your kitchen and keep it for the long term. When it comes to the 2024 kitchen trend, fluted woods are particularly popular.

They add relief to the room's furniture and walls, making the space livelier and more dynamic. However, cabinets, shelves and drawers in fluted wood can be very expensive. So opt for the economical version: imitation wood adhesive film. Cover Styl offers textured films that imitate the natural material to perfection, with a highly realistic look.

A stone island: elegance and sobriety

It's a ** kitchen trend** that's perfect for specious rooms. Bring life to your kitchen with a central island. In 2024, stone takes center stage. A highly aesthetic natural material, it brings charm and elegance to your kitchen.

It's also easy to maintain, making it perfect for a room as lively as the kitchen. Splashes, moisture, knocks... Marble and granite are not at all afraid of the little hazards of everyday life.

Cover Styl also offers films for imitation stone furniture. Various models and designs for worktops, countertops and credenzas in line with kitchen trends 2024.

Muted wall colors for an intimate kitchen

Neutral tones are preferred for walls. Forget flashy or vibrant hues. Instead, opt for muted colors such as petrol blue, khaki or verdigris.

If you prefer warmer hues, turn to terracotta or old rose. Smaller spaces can be painted in off-white, beige or white lightly tinted with shades of pink, blue or green.

You can also opt for matte-finish adhesive films that blend perfectly with wood or stone. If you want to renovate your kitchen quickly and inexpensively, turn to adhesive wall coverings. No need to spend hours protecting furniture and floors, buying materials and applying coats of paint. With wall film, your kitchen is transformed in just a few steps.

Minimalist design: the big kitchen trend 2024

Finally, if you want a kitchen that's 100% modern and in tune with the times, the trend is towards minimalism. Spaces are uncluttered, furniture and finishes are sober and walls feature a few discreet decorative elements.

Discover our inspirations for your kitchen!

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