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Decorate your living room with adhesive film in 4 steps

September 14, 2022

1 - Choose your wall covering

Walls are the basis of a room's design. Their color sets the tone for the rest of the decor. Ask yourself, what mood do you want to create in your home? Do you want to bring life to your monochromatic living room?

Don't be afraid to cover your walls with a colored adhesive. With Cover Styl', nothing could be easier. Without paint or brushes, apply a mat or glossy adhesive coating on all the walls or the largest wall in the room, depending on the desired effect. If you have a small interior, let the light in and make your living room feel more spacious with a light-colored wall covering.

Choose pastel colors or the timeless off-white. Looking for something fancy? Cover Styl' allows you to install a brick, wood or even marble wall without a hammer or tool thanks to its range of adhesives.

2 - Enhance your interior details

Does your apartment or house have a particularity in its structure? This is the perfect opportunity to highlight it. Here again, adhesive vinyl will be your best ally. To brighten up arches or window frames, to enhance a niche or an alcove, contrast with the rest of your decor. Add color, have fun with different materials and dare to use unusual patterns and effects.

Since it's a smaller area than an entire wall, living room tape is the best way to let your creativity run wild. Cover Styl' offers a wide range of decorative adhesive films: glitter, metallic, wood, stone, solid color... Make the details of your living room decoration more remarkable.

3 - Bring your living room furniture back to life with an adhesive

Redecorating the walls of your home with architectural vinyl is not the only way to make a room more sparkling and stylish. When it comes to interior design, furniture plays a vital role. That's why you can design furniture that looks like you and turn your living room elements into unique pieces.

With Cover Styl' decorative vinyl, layer materials like leather, wood, marble and metal and turn your cabinets, countertops, coffee tables and bookcases into completely unique pieces of decor.

4 - Don't forget the doors

How can we talk about a design interior without mentioning the doors that allow us to enter the rooms? Doors play an often unsuspected role in interior design. They bring character and presence. Depending on your living room's decoration, it will be interesting to match your doors to your design by using curtains or furniture.

But you can also intentionally take a decorative counterpoint. However, if you don't want to take too many risks, opt for a wood effect adhesive film for your doors. Remember, when it comes to interior design, every detail counts. With Cover Styl', each of these details can be worked on and improved in just a few steps.

Visit Cover Sty' and contact us to find the right adhesive film for your living room.