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Renovate your old furniture with architectural film

July 28, 2022

Here are some ideas for renovating old furniture with architectural film

1. A desk

With the increase of teleworking in recent years, we spend a lot of time at our desks, which we might not have done before, except for a few things to do on our computers. So it's quite possible that you've realised that you don't like the look of your office. Give it a new lease of life with architectural films!

2. Kitchen splashback

Who hasn't dreamed of a beautiful wooden or marble kitchen splashback? The final result in the kitchen is breathtaking. The problem is that these materials are expensive. Cover Styl' self-adhesive coverings reproduce natural materials to perfection and you don't need to break the budget


3. A headboard

If your bed is old or you have recently changed the colour of your walls, your headboard may no longer match the rest of your decor. Opt for an architectural film to follow the trends.

4. A bedside table

If you're already planning to redo your headboard, you might as well match the bedside tables, right?

5. A cupboard

We all have one somewhere in our home: the living room, the bedroom, the dining room... In fact, many of us probably have the classic IKEA cupboard or an old one we got from our grandparents. With architectural films, you will be able to renovate your furniture in a modern way and give it a unique style that you will not find in everyone else's house!

6. A kitchen table

It's clear that a lot of time is spent on it; whether it's used for family dinners or as a support for children's activities, the kitchen table is subject to a number of daily impacts, including scratches. Most of our self-architectural films are certified scratch resistant, perfect!


7. A TV stand

People often tend to buy a basic TV stand in a plain colour to match the rest of the room. With self-architectural films, you can give your TV stand a whole different look.

8. A wall

No, wallpaper and paint are not the only ways to redo a wall! Adhesive coverings are often used in these cases. Be creative with a wood or leather imitation architectural film on your walls and make it the masterpiece of your interior design.

9. A bathroom furniture

Ideal for modernising an outdated bathroom or one that has been damaged by time and damp. The plus: architectural films are ideal for damp areas.

Learn more in our article about bathroom renovation.

10. A door

Doors are one of the most damaged pieces of furniture (thanks to the children who ride their bikes inside) and are very prone to scratches. The architectural film is a solution that will not only renovate a damaged door but also make it look more modern. We're a fan of wood-effect doors!