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Wall covering: what is this trend all about?

March 12, 2024

A unique interior thanks to wall covering

Wall covering lets you express your creativity freely and create an interior that fully reflects its owners. Thanks to a wide choice of models, colors and textures of self-adhesive wall films, you can have fun superimposing styles and transforming the walls of your home or office into a completely unique setting.

A wide variety of decorative film models

To let your creativity run wild, Cover Styl can help you with your renovation and interior design projects. The wallcovering specialist offers a wide range of materials and designs.

Wood, metal, glitter, concrete, brick, marble... A varied choice that lets you decorate the walls of your home whatever your desires.

Are you a renovation professional redecorating an interior for your customers? Offer them a variety of models, so they can make their choice according to their tastes.

Wall adhesive film, guaranteed durability and resistance

Cover Styl self-adhesive films stand out for their high quality. That's why they're used by many construction professionals and designers for interior decoration and furniture covering.

They are not only impact-resistant, but also resistant to moisture and splashes. They can therefore easily be placed on the walls of damp rooms such as bathrooms, WCs, kitchens and laundry rooms. What's more, maintenance is very simple. A simple damp cloth and soapy water are all that's needed for cleaning.

Wall covering repairs walls

Wallcovering can also be used to repair or camouflage imperfections or defects in walls. Generally speaking, paint alone is not enough to hide traces of wear and tear, greasy stains or even minor impacts. Adhesive film, on the other hand, provides a truly textured extra layer for the wall. Small irregularities can then be camouflaged thanks to the covering, which will repair the wall and give it a new aesthetic identity.

Adhesive wall film, a quick and easy renovation solution

Thanks to its quick and easy installation, wall covering is one of the top decorating trends of 2024. It requires no special preparation, leaves no traces or odors after application, and requires no drying time. It can be installed by renovation professionals and private individuals alike. In just a few hours, walls can be given a new lease of life for a personalized interior.