Need to decorate your stand for a trade show? Use adhesive vinyl!
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Need to decorate your stand for a trade show? Use adhesive vinyl!

March 5, 2024

Original walls

To form the basis of your trade show booth décor, start with the back walls of your booth or exhibition space. Use adhesive vinyl panels to create a customized back wall. Choose bright colors to create a dynamic atmosphere. Cover Styl offers a wide range of decorative films in solid colors. Make your space your own by displaying product images, slogans or inspirational messages on your walls.

Customized furniture

Install furniture on your stand to make it a welcoming space that makes people want to stop by. A welcome stand is essential, as are comfortable tables and armchairs to invite the public in. For quick, no-fuss decorating, dress up your trade show booth furniture with adhesive vinyl to give it a personalized look. You can also match it to the rest of your decor. Did you know that Cover Styl even offers leather or textile effect adhesive films?

Signage elements

To grab the attention of passers-by and invite them to stop by your stand, create directional arrows.

Adhesive vinyl can help you design customized signage that you can place at strategic points around the show to guide visitors to your stand. You can also place these signs inside your booth to complete the decoration of your trade show stand. For example, create an information area, an advice area and a subscription area, each delimited by a different color and signage.

Interactive exhibition space

Do you own a decorating or construction company? Trade shows are the best place to showcase your expertise and promote the quality of your products.

To give visitors a glimpse of the materials and final results they'll get from working with you, create a demo area on your stand. With the various decorative vinyls available from Cover Styl, offer your prospects an immersive, interactive experience. Wood, marble, brick, leather, concrete, metal, textile...

Show them the breadth and diversity of your offering with small squares of textured film that perfectly complement your stand decoration. Visitors can then touch them to see the quality of the product. Wall and furniture film is versatile, easy to apply and remove, making it a practical choice for decorating a trade show stand effectively and attractively.

For impeccable results, be sure to work with a trusted decorative adhesive film printing and cutting professional. Contact us and receive a quote within 24 hours!

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