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Decorate and furnish your office with architectural film

July 28, 2022

Make sure you have a brand identity in your office design

It is common to create a brand identity through your company logo and then repeat it across all media. However, if you really want to impress your customers, go a step further by applying the same brand elements (colour scheme, fonts) to the decoration of your office space as well.

With (mostly customizable) adhesive coverings on walls and furniture, you can reproduce almost any design you want. What's more, the installation of adhesive coverings is quick and easy, which also means that your employees won't get in the way during the office design process!

Add touches of colour to white spaces in your office

When it comes to decorating a professional office, you want something that looks good but is also versatile and efficient. This is where splashes of colour come in handy. A good idea is to focus on a few key areas and use an adhesive covering to add attractiveness to your rooms. In a business, the desks you work on are often white too.

With a Cover Styl' adhesive covering, you can change the way you design your office by transforming simple white desks into a wooden ones or a more original solid colour for example.

Start with the decoration of the furniture

With adhesive vinyl, you can cover just about any surface imaginable thanks to its stretchable nature. Try a variety of colours, textures, patterns and finish types before settling on a permanent option to get an idea of what will work best for your space. A great way to save money when decorating is to consider damaged furniture that you will be able to completely refurbish with an adhesive covering.

Often small nicks or scratches are not visible unless you look closely - and they certainly don't affect comfort or usability. You can use architectural films to hide these imperfections, which means you can refurbish your office at a lower cost.


Use shared areas to your advantage

The most common shared areas in an office are break rooms, meeting rooms, corridors or open spaces. When decorating these areas, try to create a strong visual impact with your décor - if you are lucky enough to work in a small space with lots of unused walls and ceilings, consider using adhesive coverings to adorn them instead of traditional wall decoration.

Finish with the details of your professional office decoration

Keeping your office space clean and tidy can boost productivity by helping employees feel comfortable. When choosing office furniture, try to buy pieces that are stylish, durable and easy to clean. From desks and chairs to cabinets and lighting fixtures, adhesive wall coverings make it easier than ever to update office interiors. And with the wide range of designs available from Cover Styl', it's easier than ever to design your professional office!

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