How can self-adhesive films transform a commercial space?
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How can self-adhesive films transform a commercial space?

July 3, 2024

Decorate the walls of your shop

Would you like to refresh the walls of your store or renovate a newly purchased commercial space? Treat yourself to a quick and easy solution.

Adhesive wall film is an ultra-resistant coating that can be applied directly to walls like self-adhesive wallpaper. No need for sophisticated tools or preparation. It's easy to apply with a squeegee to avoid air bubbles. Shock-, scratch- and moisture-resistant, Cover Styl wall film comes in a variety of designs to suit a wide range of interior styles. Gloss, matte or satin effect, the choice is yours!


Turn old furniture into new

To renovate your commercial premises, you don't need to invest in brand-new furnishings. That comes at a price, and entails additional expenses you can do without.

Adhesive vinyl can also be applied to furniture. So you can treat yourself to a marble countertop, a solid oak desk or stainless steel shelving without buying new furniture. Cover all the equipment already in the store with the adhesive film of your choice. Cover Styl offers a wide range of strikingly realistic materials to transform your office, practice or shop without too much expense.

Enhance your commercial space

Have you just bought a raw commercial space and want to transform it into a warm, modern boutique? Enhance the original structure of the premises. If it has beams or columns, you can turn them into a real aesthetic asset.

Cover them with an imitation concrete adhesive film for an industrial touch. Prefer a more natural, rustic feel? Choose imitation pine adhesive film instead. If the space features alcoves or arches, highlight them with a colored wall film to give your shop a more original look. With adhesive film, there's no limit to your creative power.


Take care of the details in your workplace

If your commercial premises don't require major renovation work, adhesive film can also help you perfect your interior decor and highlight small details in the room.

For example, if your commercial space is small, apply mirror-effect adhesive film to part of the walls or even the ceiling, to give the room more depth and visually enhance its volume. If, on the other hand, your commercial space is too large and has empty white walls, feel free to cut patterns, geometrical shapes or lines from your wall film to create an original, personalized wall decoration.

You can arrange them in friezes or in touches of color to brighten up your interior. You can also renovate some of your furniture with furniture film.

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