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Maximizing renovation efficiency: tips and best practices

July 4, 2024

Choose durable materials

Renovation work generally aims to improve not only the comfort of a home or commercial premises, but also its aesthetic appearance. It goes without saying, therefore, that renovation is intended to last over time. For a lasting renovation, it's essential to use robust materials that guarantee good resistance to wear and tear and to everyday life. Wood, brick, concrete or stone are certainly very practical and resistant. But they can be very costly to install.

For considerable savings and quick work, install a wood, brick or exposed stone wall in any home for less. The trick is to use realistic wall film. Textured Cover Styl films are so natural-looking that the difference is imperceptible when you enter the room. They are also resistant to scratches and minor impacts, as well as to humidity, and come with a 10-year guarantee.


Opt for fast renovation techniques

Renovation work that drags on is a nightmare for homeowners and interior designers alike. Fortunately, there's a time-saving solution: adhesive film.

When it comes to repainting the walls of a business, premises or home, you don't need a house painter. Adhesive film is quick and easy to apply, with no need to protect furniture and no drying time between coats. All you need is a squeegee for smooth, flawless application. Once the film is in place, the result is perfect and flawless.

Cover Styl offers self-adhesive wall coverings in a variety of colors and matte or satin finishes to dress up your walls at low cost.

Reuse old furniture: an eco-friendly renovation tip

It's possible to create a new interior without changing your furniture. Self-adhesive film is also suitable for furniture renovation. In fact, in 2024, upcycling is the name of the game.

Old furniture in good condition can be used for many years to come. If their style no longer suits you, they can be renovated with decorative film.

Choose the material of your choice: wood, metal, concrete, marble and even textiles... And transform your kitchen countertop, cupboards, wardrobes, coffee table and bookcase simply by covering them with a new coating. Adhesive film can also be used to customize decorative elements such as frames, lampshades, planters or even armchairs. It can also be used to repair damaged furniture, camouflaging defects and signs of wear.

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