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Green renovation with Cover Styl

June 25, 2024

Cover Styl products

Cover Styl offers a very wide range of decorative adhesive films that imitate different textures and materials such as wood, marble, metal, stone...

With over 400 references to choose from, these self-adhesive coatings can be applied to a variety of surfaces, including walls, furniture, doors and countertops, providing a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional, energy-intensive renovations.


Why is renovating with Cover Styl greener?

Cover Styl is a truly sustainable alternative for anyone wishing to renovate in an eco-friendly way. Adhesive film offers great freedom of artistic expression and a number of practical advantages.

Reusing old furniture

When you want to change the style of your interior, there's no need to throw out your old furniture. With Cover Styl decorative films, you can renovate your chest of drawers, coffee table, cupboard or kitchen counter simply by applying the adhesive film of your choice. Marble, wood, metal, cement... The wide range of materials on offer lets you express your creativity to the full.

Saves you money

Adhesive films require fewer materials than conventional renovation work. By opting for eco-friendly renovation with decorative films, you not only reduce the cost of your work, but also your carbon footprint. How can you do this? By reducing the harmful effects on nature caused by the production, transport and future destruction of materials.

Preserving natural resources

The exploitation of certain natural materials such as wood or stone generates real ecological disasters: deforestation, non-respect for human rights, depletion of energy and resources to extract, process and transport building and renovation materials... With Cover Styl, you can offer yourself a natural and cosy interior without participating in the exploitation of these natural resources.

Opt for a Scandinavian all-wood or rustic all-stone style without having to take part in the exploitation of raw materials. Cover Styl decorative self-adhesive films are highly realistic and guarantee authentic results.

Sustainable use of Cover Styl products

The quality of Cover Styl products makes them a sustainable renovation method and a real green renovation solution. In fact, Cover Styl's scratch-, stain- and UV-resistant films guarantee optimum longevity, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Easy, environmentally-friendly maintenance

Maintenance of Cover Styl self-adhesive vinyl is very simple. There's no need for special treatments, toxic paints or harmful products to keep your walls and furniture looking and feeling their best. Just wipe down wood or waxed concrete walls, marble countertops or metal shelves with a soft cloth and soapy water. Simple, natural and effective.

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