Green renovation: 4 simple ideas to reduce your carbon footprint
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Green renovation: 4 simple ideas to reduce your carbon footprint

January 24, 2023

Think about saving energy

To prevent heat leakage and avoid over-consumption of energy, it is important to insulate your premises properly. And in particular the windows. The best solution for an eco-friendly renovation is obviously to turn to natural or bio-sourced insulation.

This is an effective ecological idea that also improves the air quality inside your office. Also note that if you are looking to renovate your business in an environmentally friendly and economical way, there are adhesive window films available.

Use natural materials for an eco-friendly renovation

If you want to renovate in an environmentally friendly way, you should use materials with a low environmental impact. For this reason, it is advisable to use natural materials such as wood or stone for your walls and furniture.

Moreover, if you wish to have an ecological company, it is essential to ensure that the materials used come from productions that respect the ecosystem. In particular, check that they are not treated with highly polluting chemicals. For example, you can opt for concrete or clay walls and cork floors.

Greener walls with natural paint

Do you want to give your dull walls a facelift? There are environmentally friendly paints available. These have a low environmental impact and do not emit toxic particles when applied to the walls.

And for good reason, they generally contain resins of vegetable or mineral origin such as clay, linseed oil or soya. But for sustainable walls that are also environmentally friendly, there are other solutions. Cover Styl' offers adhesive coatings for walls.

They are quick and easy to apply and stay in place longer than traditional wallpaper. And unlike paint, there is no need to touch up. Adhesive film is an effective solution for an eco-responsible renovation of all interiors, whether professional or private.

Renovate your furniture with an adhesive film

Undertaking an ecological office renovation usually involves a high cost.


Firstly, because buying a lot of new furniture is expensive. Secondly, because environmentally friendly materials with guaranteed traceability are much more expensive than conventional materials and furniture. What if you completely redesigned your office without throwing away any of your old décor? To avoid waste, renovate your furniture in an environmentally friendly way.

Change the look of your furniture completely by covering it with Cover Styl' self-adhesive film. This way you can reduce waste and save a lot of money. Self-adhesive vinyls offer a wide range of decorative possibilities: various types of wood, brick, marble, solid colours, etc. You can completely redecorate your office or even your home in an economical and environmentally friendly way.