Decorative ideas for nursery dormitory: create endless decorations with the adhesive film
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Decorative ideas for nursery dormitory: create endless decorations with the adhesive film

January 24, 2023

Softly coloured walls

While there is a tendency to use colour in all children's areas, it is also important to remember that a room saturated with visual information is tiring for the little ones. It is therefore essential to create a contrast between the dormitory and the other areas of the nursery.

A nap room is intended for the children to relax and rest. For decoration ideas for your nursery dormitory, turn to a minimalist and neutral style. Also favour warm and pastel tones. Cover Styl' offers adhesive wall coverings in soft shades that are perfect for a nursery decoration. Pink, blue or beige are soothing colours that will help create a warm atmosphere in the dormitory.

Create an original wall decoration with adhesive film

Have fun creating curves, shapes or sticking imaginary characters on the dormitory walls. Adhesive vinyl allows you to let your creativity run wild. Juxtapose colours by cutting out the shapes you want from your wall film. Add pretty motifs in the theme of relaxation and sleep: moons, clouds, stars... Or opt for the abstract and make a composition with lines or geometric shapes of different colours. Be careful, however, to keep it simple.

A natural decorating idea for a nursery dormitory: wood

Wood is a high quality material that creates a reassuring and zen atmosphere in any room. If you're looking for natural decorating ideas for a nursery dormitory, opt for wooden beds and storage units.

To create custom-made furniture, you can use self-adhesive furniture renovation film. Cover Styl' offers several designs of textured adhesive coatings that guarantee a realistic result. No need to buy new furniture. Save money by covering your existing furniture with a decorative wood vinyl. Choose light-coloured wood species such as oak or beech. You can also opt for white imitation wood paper.

Comfortable sleeping arrangements

For a comfortable and safe daycare dormitory, install sleeping arrangements that are easily accessible for children and staff. Mattresses on the floor are an ideal option for children from 4 years of age, as they prevent any risk of falling. They can also be easily stored away, allowing you to use the room for other activities.

Some accessories to create reassuring visual cues

Although a rest room should be minimalist in design, don't be afraid to add a few accessories to brighten up the atmosphere of the room. Pretty pictures on the walls, stuffed animals on the shelves and rugs on the floor. Don't forget to install soft, subdued lighting that will stimulate the little ones' rest. Just like a real children's room, these visual cues will be reassuring and will ensure that your little ones can relax better.