Royal Walnut



NH68 - Royal Walnut

Technical specifications

Length50 meters
Type of productPVC
Surface finishStructured
Warranty10 years year(s)
Resistance to scratchAverage
Direction motifLength
CE Wallcovering (EN15102)Compliant
Aldehydes after emission (CMR ISO 16000)Pass
Antibacterial properties JIS Z 2081 am. 1 (2012)Compliant
Spongeability (EN12956)Extra-washable
Adhesive strength91 minutes after installation: 1.04 Kg/cm 24 hours after installation: 1.43 Kg/cm 3 days after installation: 1.51 Kg/cm 7 days after installation: 1.65kg/cm
High-temperature adhesive strengthAfter 1st day: 1.37 Kg/cm After 7 days: 1.03 Kg/cm
DURABILITYThe product offers excellent resistance to water, dirt, abrasion, UV rays and wear (yellowing, cracking, flaking, delamination).
MaintenanceFor daily film care, use only pH-neutral detergents; do not use products with a pH that is too acidic or too basic. Hot water (not boiling) can help to remove stubborn stains - In some cases, a solution based on isopropyl alcohol and water can be effective (70% ISO 30% H2O. Not on printed films) - Use only soft cloths or sponges to clean vinyl (except glitter) - If stains persist, this means that maintenance has not been carried out correctly. In this case, repair with a patch (not guaranteed, but effective and economical) or replace the vinyl completely;- Do not use organic cleaning products such as ammonia or varnish to clean the vinyl.

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