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Wall decoration in an industrial style

October 6, 2022

How to renovate office walls effectively?

To do an office wall renovation with an industrial style, you have different possibilities.

The first one, the most "classic" possibility, will be to have different companies come and paint, put stones on the wall, completely replace the furniture to match the industrial style and all sorts of noisy and disturbing tasks.

The second one is certainly more efficient, it is to use the Cover Styl' decorative films. We'll talk about the advantages of these adhesive coverings at the end of the article, but for now, we'll look at the different customization possibilities that these adhesive coatings offer.

What are the creative possibilities with adhesive films?

Our adhesive films can be applied to all common wall surfaces such as plasterboard, glass, plastic, wood and metal. They offer a lot of customization and creative freedom, but for the purpose of an industrial style wall renovation, we will focus on metal and stone.



We have a range of metallic adhesive film, with different colors. Silver walls could make a bright room, but they can be paired with gold adhesive films to give a more chic feel to some rooms. Some metal effect adhesive films also have a textured effect, which can add depth and a touch of realism to your project.

Natural Stone

Our stone effect adhesive coverings is a core element of our brand's adhesives, which is why we have a wide range of colors and patterns in our natural stone effect adhesives. You can choose adhesive vinyls with red brick effect, gray brick effect, but also with marble effect or smooth stones.

All your furniture is concerned

As mentioned above, adhesive films can be applied to all kinds of surfaces, so in addition to your walls, you can give an industrial style to all your furniture, whether it be doors, chairs, desks, sideboards: everything can be renovated. For you, this could be an environmentally friendly and economical solution. At Cover Styl', we believe that it is better to renovate than to throw away.

What are the benefits of adhesive coatings?

Our decorative adhesives provide significant benefits to both installation and use:

  • No nuisance during installation: everything is installed quietly, without noise or dust

  • No need to change all the furniture: adhesives to cover and standardize all the rooms

  • Simplified cleaning of surfaces: a little water and soap clean the adhesive coating

  • Savings: a renovation with an adhesive film costs on average 50 to 70% less than a traditional renovation

As we have seen in this article, renovation with adhesive coatings allows for greater customization, ease of installation, and cost savings while still allowing for extensive customization.

Don't hesitate to contact our expert teams to get the most accurate quote and advice possible.