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Top 4 trends in store arrangement

September 19, 2022

1. Industrial style for stores and businesses

In interior design, the industrial atmosphere is on the rise. Bold and characterful, it offers more presence to a store and allows you to better showcase your products.

But then, how to decorate your store in an industrial style? Brick walls, exposed beams and pipes, exposed electrical wires, metal counters, raw wood shelves... The industrial spirit overlays materials and plays with codes. To enter the trend, Cover Styl' offers you adhesive vinyl imitating wood, brick, stone or metal for your walls and furniture.

2. Minimalist wall decoration in a store

You want to highlight your merchandise without distracting your customers with a too eccentric decoration? Opt for the minimalist design. Simple and easy to set up, it is no less original and modern! If the store wall arrangement in a minimalist spirit remains simple, small details can make all the difference.

Dress up your white walls with frames or geometric shapes. Colored arches are the trend of the moment! Cut an arch out of your Cover Styl' adhesive vinyl in the shade of your choice and apply the covering directly to your wall. That's it! It's a delicate touch that creates a light and comforting atmosphere in any interior. Next, place shelves around your bows to showcase all of your favorite products.

3. Natural wall design for your store

Rattan furniture, plant fiber hangers, bamboo furniture, green plants... Seaside style interior design is very trendy right now. So, why not plan a wall design for your store in a natural spirit?

To do this, soft tones are preferred for the walls such as beige, orange and yellow coatings that recall the sand of distant beaches. As for the furniture, focus on wood. If you want to decorate your store without buying a brand new counter, tables, stalls and shelves, cover them with adhesive film imitation wood. Natural result guaranteed!

4. Classic store design

Play the vintage/modern card to bring a touch of original elegance to your store. A store with ceiling moldings, gilding and marble can be enhanced with modern touches such as the use of wood or metal for chairs, display cases or a counter.

To decorate your store with taste, Cover Styl' offers several solutions. Wall covering and furniture imitating marble or leather or textile style vinyl for your seats... But for the store's dressing, no question of putting a coat of paint on the walls in a hurry. A light or dark matte adhesive wall covering will offer a chic and neat result.

For even more decorating ideas, contact us and choose the ideal self-adhesive coating for your store's wall design.