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Adhesive film for your storefronts

July 28, 2022

Why use adhesive coatings for storefronts decor

When you need to create or renovate a storefront, you have several choices. Paint and tile are the default choices, but adhesive coatings can be very useful in a wide variety of circumstances.

Great customizability.

Our [Cover Styl]'(/en/collection) range of adhesive films will allow you to dress up your storefront with solid colors but also all kinds of textured coverings such as wood, stone and even some with metallic effects. If you want something more classic and sober you will have at your disposal plain colors.

The longevity of the adhesive coatings

Our adhesives are guaranteed for 10 years against yellowing or cracking. You'll have peace of mind for many years and if you want another design in a few years, no worries, just remove the old adhesive and put the new one on.

The financial aspect.

The cost of creating or renovating a storefront can be very high, which is why it's important to keep in mind that installing adhesives on this type of project generally saves between 50 and 70% compared to more traditional work.

Simplicity of installation.

Unlike a renovation that would require painting, for example, the installation of adhesive films will not require you to close the store because it will not generate any noise or odor nuisance, which can therefore allow you to install the whole during the opening hours of your business.

And for the rest of your store?

Why not take advantage of the installation of the adhesives on the new façade to give the interior of your store a facelift? [Our Cover Styl' adhesives can be applied to a storefront as well as to all parts of your store.



You want to match the style of your facade with your interior walls? Adhesives can be applied to all types of surfaces: wood, tiles or plasterboard for example.


If you're thinking of throwing away your beloved furniture because it's a bit damaged, scratched or banged up, you can use adhesive films to renovate it and give it the new look it deserves. And presto! No need to get rid of your favorite furniture.

Overall, the adhesive can be applied to almost any surface, allowing for a store-wide renovation. Our teams are available to answer your questions but also to provide you with a free estimate as detailed as possible, in order to best prepare the creation or renovation of your storefront.