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Renovate your bathroom quickly with adhesive covering

July 28, 2022

How to renovate your bathroom without doing major works?

Renovate your bathroom can be a big investment, both financially and in terms of time: you'll have to break everything down and redo it afterward, ask for quotes, wait for the delivery of certain materials, which can sometimes take a long time...

If all this work scares you and you lack time, try adhesive coverings!

The application of architectural film in a bathroom can be done on different types of surfaces: wood, aluminium, PVC, credenza, tiles... This type of architectural film is completely stretchable, which means that it adapts to all shapes when installed and therefore to your furniture with rounded corners.

If you want to cover tiles with vinyl, simply remember to fill in your joints first to obtain a flat surface before installation.

Architectural films, a faster and cheaper renovation system

Aged or weathered furniture? Outdated wall tiles?

We understand that you need a change. But you don't necessarily have to throw everything away. Your furniture and walls may no longer be to your taste, but their functionality is not lost!

Renovate your bathroom with Cover Styl' brand architectural films will be cheaper than buying new furniture and will also take less time.

When it comes to the choice of vinyl, we offer almost unlimited possibilities! A marble imitation would look great on your vanity or a wall behind a mirror for example. Self-adhesive vinyl on furniture is still a classic and stone or concrete imitation is also very popular for bathrooms.

Here are some examples of bathroom renovations using our self-architectural films

renovation-salle-de-bain.jpg renovation-salle-de-bain-adhesif.jpg

The advantages of using architectural film to renovate your bathroom

  • Quick and easy to install: one day is all it takes to have a brand new bathroom!

  • The coverings are water-resistant and ideal for wet areas

  • Cover Styl' renovation costs 50-70% less than a conventional renovation

  • A choice of 9 ranges with different textures and finishes and over 470 references