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What can we renovate in a hotel with architectural vinyls?

August 22, 2022

What are the different renovations to be done in a hotel?

The reception

The reception area of a hotel is the first place that guests see, if it is getting old, no worries, adhesives can be installed on almost any surface of a reception area: wooden, metal or glass counters. In addition, the adhesives can be installed on all types of walls to give a warm and neat atmosphere to the reception.

The restaurant room

The dining room is where the most wear and tear occurs: the chairs and tables. This is a good thing because most of these elements are made of wood and the adhesive fits very well on this material. Why throw away when you can renovate?

Architectural vinyls allow you to give all your chairs and tables a new lease on life, and if you want to keep the original look, you can turn to our wood adhesive films which will imitate the original colors to perfection. To learn more about the decoration of restaurant walls, you can find our article on the subject.


Architectural vinyls can also be used on wooden headboards, walls and furniture in bedrooms. All these elements can be matched to create themed rooms for example.


The walls of a hotel's corridors are subject to countless damages, from stains to knocks from suitcases and/or carts. Unfortunately, the doors also suffer from the same damage. A renovation with adhesive is again a wise, less expensive and practical choice.

Before applying an adhesive film: before-renovation-hotel-film-adhesive.jpg

After the application of an adhesive film : apres-renovation-hotel-film-adhesif..jpg

What are the advantages of adhesives for hotel renovation?

No nuisance

Compared to paint, our adhesives have the particularity of creating no nuisance, neither sound nor smell, which will not close the hotel or limit access to certain spaces that briefly.

Total customization

As we have seen before, our adhesives can imitate wood perfectly, but that's not all. They can also have a metal, stone, leather and even textile effect. Among these variations, some even have the particularity of being textured.


And yes! Savings. In fact, renovating a hotel with adhesive allows you to save 50% to 70% less than with paint**. This is not negligible! Add to this the fact that the establishment does not need to close during the work, and you are really winning.

A good life span

All of our adhesive films are guaranteed for 10 years, so you can plan your renovation with peace of mind and be sure that you won't have any problems for years to come.

Our adhesive coatings will fit all types of hotels with no limit of surface area. For more information and to obtain a personalized quote, please do not hesitate to contact our expert teams who will answer all your questions and expectations.