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How to give a wooden table a new look?

September 12, 2022

What can adhesive vinyls do for you?

Less work

By using traditional systems, you will have no choice but to sand your table and then paint it. This process is not really within the reach of everyone because you need to be a minimum of handyman.

The special thing about adhesive is that it is easy to install. Our adhesive coatings allow a simple installation without bubbles.


Our range of imitation wood adhesives offers not just a few colors but over 70 wood references, both light and dark. Some of our references can even be textured, which gives them an even more realistic look.

Simplified maintenance

Unlike traditional wood, which requires a lot of product to properly maintain, adhesive coatings are effortless to clean. Whether it's stains or dust, everything is easily removed with just water and a little soap.

Quiet installation.

Adhesives are installed quietly, without disturbance and very quickly. Forget about sander noise, sawdust and other noise pollution.

As you can see, giving a table a new look with adhesive coatings has many advantages and is often more interesting than a classic renovation. There is however an advantage that you may not have thought of, why not match the rest of your furniture with this freshly refurbished table?

Check out this before and after with our adhesive films:

relooker-table-bois-avant.jpg relooker-table-bois-apres.jpg

What can you renovate with adhesive coatings?

Whether you are an individual or a professional, it is important to know that adhesives can be applied to most surfaces such as wood, PVC, metal or plastic. As a result, the possibilities for customization are endless.


Wooden tables are not the only pieces of furniture that can be renovated with vinyl adhesives, whether it's your chairs, sideboards, kitchen furniture or even headboards, you will be able to match everything in your home or business.


Doors are often overlooked when thinking about adhesives, but whether they are made of wood, metal or plastic, they can all be covered with adhesives to give them a new lease on life.


Paint and wallpaper are not the only solutions for walls, adhesive coatings are very easy to apply to drywall or wood walls.

In the end, it's clear that adhesives can meet most of your needs and expectations, so don't hesitate to contact our experts to get a quote and also get all the advice you need.