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Real estate agency decoration: tips and ideas

August 18, 2022

Decorating a real estate agency: stay true to your company's values

Take into account the values of your company in order to transcribe them on the decoration of the agency.

Some agencies want to attract parents with young children and therefore choose a real estate agency decoration with a family atmosphere. A classic chic decoration is suitable for this type of project. Comfort is combined with warmth. Also, a variation of colors from one space to another avoids monotony. Of course, harmonious colors work together despite this variation in tone.

Then, the details must support this classic chic style:

  • Herringbone (or imitation) flooring

  • Moldings on the doors

  • Black or gold doorknobs

  • Furniture with character (e.g. Haussmann style)

  • Etc.

This classic chic style is appropriate for a "family" real estate agency, but other styles are appropriate for other settings. Given the stakes, hire a professional decorator if you feel the need. You will benefit from a real estate agency decoration that perfectly reflects your project.

Real estate agency layout: here are some good ideas

A relatively large budget is usually required when it comes to a professional decoration or layout project. And such an investment is essential given the stakes of any real estate activity. However, there are some good plans that will help you avoid paying the full price.

Take inspiration from home staging for example, a technique that has been highly praised by a famous real estate agent that we no longer need to mention. Home staging is interesting if you take over a business or want to update the layout of your real estate agency from an existing decoration.


Discover also the adhesive films which have a strong decorative potential. These coatings are available in many finishes that adapt to all decorative styles. A film adhesive imitation wood would be suitable for a warm, Scandinavian-type atmosphere.

This type of décor is ideal for real estate agencies that want to welcome clients and employees "like at home". For a refined and glamorous decoration, a marble effect adhesive film would be suitable to personalize a piece of furniture and bring an elegant touch. Moreover, it is important to remember that marble comes in many shades and with endless veins of color and shape.

You are bound to find something suitable for your real estate agency decoration. In any case, Cover Styl' offers high quality films with a 10 year warranty. And we guarantee the quality of all our products, whether it is for the adhesive films mentioned above, for a solid color adhesive coating and for other references.

Also in terms of good deals, sign up for private sales and auctions of design objects and furniture. You will be able to find rare pearls, furniture and design objects that will make all the difference in the layout of your real estate agency. Beyond the decoration itself, the layout of a real estate agency must meet the legal obligations of accessibility and safety. For example, the agency must be accessible by a ramp with a gentle slope.

The entrance must also allow the passage of a wheelchair. Then, the access of wheelchairs must be optimal at the level of the corridors which must be wide enough. In addition, the emergency evacuation plan must be explicit and visually accessible to all. And the minimum size of the offices must be 10 m².