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How to create an original real estate agency decoration?

July 28, 2022

Trust the timeless wood

Wood is a great classic in interior design. A noble material, it brings a touch of serenity and elegance to the room. This type of decoration generally gives confidence to the customers who will quickly feel at ease in your premises.

For a real estate agency decoration in wood, it is not always necessary to start endless works and to install expensive furniture. Take the easy way out: decorative imitation wood adhesive film. Cover Styl' self-adhesive wall and furniture coverings are true to life and can be applied to any surface, giving dull or old furniture a real makeover.

Cover your desks, doors, counters or bookcases with a beautiful oak or delicate birch, your customers will see nothing but fire!

Give prestige to the decoration of your real estate agency with the adhesive film marble

You offer a premium service to your customers and want to convey the image of a high-end real estate agency? Your interior decoration must be in line with the values you defend.

For an elegant and prestigious real estate agency interior, think marble. But be careful not to overdo it! Proceed by touches: a marble desk, a marbled wall or arch, a coffee table, a counter... This way, you avoid marble overdose!

As this material is expensive and requires long installation works, you can prefer adhesive coating with marble effect. You'll save time and money for an equally natural effect.


Selling the dream with glitter

You want your real estate agency's decoration to really stand out from the competition? You want your real estate agency's decoration to stand out from the competition and be eye-catching to your visitors? **It may seem bold, but by placing glitter vinyl in strategic places, you can add style to your real estate agency's decor.

For example, you can cover the top of a counter or the inside of the arches with glitter adhesive film. Pink, gold, silver, black, matte or glossy... Cover Styl' offers a wide range of designs and colors. This will bring life to your space and attract the eye while remaining discreet and original at the same time.

Focus on original furniture

To stand out with your interior design, it is not always necessary to completely renovate your real estate office. Sober walls do not prevent you from standing out thanks to your furniture. Have fun with furniture that is out of the ordinary and layer materials. Leather armchairs, textile chairs, metal coffee tables... Don't be afraid to explore your creativity.

You already have furniture that you don't want to throw away? Give them a second life by covering them with a leather, textile or metallic effect adhesive film and offer a new decoration to your agency in a few minutes!

Want to decorate your real estate agency with an original adhesive film? Contact Cover Styl'.