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Template and quote creation for renovation projects

December 6, 2023

Basic company data

First of all, quotations generated by construction companies must contain a number of essential details, such as your company name and contact details. Don't forget to mention the name of the renovation project for which you're producing the estimate. This can be indicated as follows Quote for renovation project: [Project name].

Project and work details

The next step is to give precise details of the work. In a few sentences, describe the type of project, the location of the work, the start date and the estimated completion date. In this part of your estimate, indicate whether it's a complete renovation project, interior renovation or decoration.

Further down, devote a space to listing any specific work included in the project: demolition, carpentry work, electrical installations, plumbing, painting or wall-covering... This is also where you can list the specific materials used during the work: wood, cement, metal, decorative adhesive film...

Detailed cost and final price

This part of the estimate is essential for a transparent and fruitful collaboration with your customer. Specifically list all costs associated with the work, including materials, labor, overheads, taxes, etc. For greater clarity, you can even sort costs by category.

At the bottom of this section, clearly indicate the final price of the work. Don't forget the section on payment terms. This includes payment terms, deadlines and any late payment penalties, as well as percentages for each stage of the project.

General terms and conditions

To ensure that your quotation for renovation work is legally correct, include your company's general terms and conditions. This section covers all guarantees and insurances, as well as your specific terms and conditions.

Signatures and stamp

Finally, indicate the period of validity of the estimate (generally 30 days from the date of issue). This is followed by your signature and company stamp, as well as the date and place of issue. Your customer must then sign the quotation to make it valid. Your buyer's signature on the estimate marks acceptance, and the work can begin. You will then be unable to add any further costs, unless you generate a new estimate if additional work is required.

Feel free to customize this template to suit your company's specific needs and the renovation projects you're carrying out. Make sure the estimate is clear, detailed and professional to give your potential customers confidence in choosing your company for their renovation project.