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Decorate your office walls with architectural film

July 28, 2022

Neutral tones, the key to a successful office wall decoration

A pretty mauve, a pale pink or an off-white... These are safe colours that suit the vast majority of interiors. They will be perfect for decorating an open space, a consulting room, or even a start-up's premises.

Neutrals shades are ideal for small spaces as they dress up the walls of your office while bringing light into the room and giving a sense of space. To create a relaxing atmosphere, choose wall coverings in cool colours. If, on the other hand, you want to bring more dynamism to your professional space, opt for yellow and orange tones.

Dare to use colour for a bold office design

If your brand stands out for its dynamism and modernity, you can definitely opt for colourful wall decoration.

Don't hesitate to bring your company's walls to life by covering them with graphic shapes and daring original patterns. You don't need to call in a professional painter to do this. You can use the all-purpose solution: adhesive vinyl. Thanks to its ease of use, you can create your own design and cut out unusual shapes.

The trick is to use a few touches. For example, you can put coloured lines on a dull wall, create a composition of several colours on top of each other or use the same sticky wall covering to highlight an arch.

Decorate your professional interior in natural tones

Looking for nature and serenity in your workplace? Materials such as wood, marble and stone are excellent decorative elements for corporate office walls. When matched with the furniture in the room, they create a warm and professional atmosphere.


You can cover the walls of an office with a wood imitation adhesive vinyl to give your workspace more character. But you can also renovate an entirely open space without even touching the walls. Simply use wood, stone or marble architectural film on the furniture in the room to completely change the look of your office.

Adding character to the walls of your company's office

Do you like professional interiors with a strong design? Go for the "industrial" look that is so popular in interior design. Exposed bricks are the latest trend in corporate office wall decoration. But you don't have to do a lot of work to enhance the stone walls of your building.

Once again, the architectural film for imitation brick walls will come to your rescue. With simplicity and finesse, it will create a bold, design-oriented atmosphere that will be appreciated by employees and customers alike when they visit your premises.

Don't forget that the choice of wall decoration for your corporate office should above all be based on your company's identity and the atmosphere you wish to create on your premises. Cover Styl' offers simple and durable wall covering solutions to suit all your desires.