Minimalism: 3 key elements for a successful minimalist decor
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Minimalism: 3 key elements for a successful minimalist decor

July 27, 2023

A neutral color palette

The neutralcolor palette is a central pillar of the minimalist style, creating a soothing, timeless background for the space. Shades of white, beige, gray and black create a serene ambience, conducive to relaxation and peace of mind. Minimalism favors soft, uncluttered shades, where the subtlety of nuances creates a harmonious balance in the environment.

Alongside the color palette, natural textures also play an essential role in the minimalist aesthetic. The use of materials such as wood and stone adds a warm, organic dimension to the space. Wood can be used for furniture, flooring or even decorative elements, while stone can be integrated into surfaces or architectural elements.

Take a look at this living room, where the accent is a coffee table covered with AA14 Original oak adhesive film, this bathroom with wood-effect furniture, or this entrance hall with natural stone-effect walls.

Neutral Colors.png

Simple, clean lines

Furniture and architectural elements in a minimalist decor are characterized by clean lines and simple shapes. Avoid ornamental details or excessive decoration.

Clean geometric shapes and uncluttered contours create an atmosphere of calm and harmony in the space. Ornamentation and superfluous details are discarded in favor of functionality and essentials. This minimalist approach not only creates a sense of order and simplicity, but also offers great flexibility in terms of layout. Rooms appear spacious and bright, allowing residents to concentrate on the essentials and enjoy a serene, balanced environment.

Such is the case in this bedroom, where the walls have been covered with an adhesive film from the NG04 Cream marble collection, in this handleless kitchen and in this bright entrance hall.

Simple lines.png

Open spaces: everything behind doors

The minimalist style offers a harmonious living environment, where every element finds its rightful place. By focusing on open spaces, this approach emphasizes the search for simplicity and balance. Everything is carefully arranged behind doors, maintaining a visually soothing, orderly environment. Each object, piece of furniture or decorative element is carefully chosen to blend harmoniously into the overall décor. This careful selection of decorative pieces helps to create a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere.

Being organized plays an essential role in this minimalist aesthetic; it involves keeping only essential objects, avoiding any unnecessary overload of space. By adopting this philosophy, we leave room for the essentials and get rid of the superfluous, creating a living environment that inspires calm and tranquillity. Minimalism presents itself as an art of living, where the search for harmony and serenity takes precedence, offering a welcoming refuge in the very heart of our home.

Take a look at this entrance hall, designed in the minimalist style using Cover Styl' adhesive films reference AL14 Traditional oak, this office with custom-made furniture or this airy living room, with a wood-effect TV cabinet.

Uncluttered spaces.png

The minimalist style offers a clean, soothing setting, emphasizing simplicity and balance. To bring this style to life, Cover Styl' decorative adhesive films are ideal.

The wide choice of neutral colors and natural textures blends harmoniously with the minimalist aesthetic. Using our self-adhesive films, you can create refined spaces, where every element finds its rightful place. You'll transform your interiors into welcoming, elegant places, where the beauty of simplicity blends elegantly with functionality.

Explore the world of Cover Styl' self-adhesive films to bring your minimalist decorating projects to life. And if you need a helping hand, our designer is here to guide you through your personal and professional decorating projects.