Interior design trends 2023: decoration ideas and Trend Collection
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Interior design trends 2023: decoration ideas and Trend Collection

January 30, 2023

Neutral & Natural: a collective desire for a cozy feeling and a connection to nature

By staying home a lot more during the pandemic, we've totally rethought the way we see our interior spaces. Do you remember the end of the first lockdown, when endless lines formed in front of home decoration stores? All because we all had the need to have the maximum of comfort in the space where we stayed the most of the time.

Feeling good at home has become a priority and this has two main consequences: we give much more time and attention to interior design and at the same time, we are more attracted to neutral colors and natural materials that bring us the feeling of well-being and balance. You could say that this preference for neutral and natural shades is more than a trend, it's a lifestyle, while remaining a timeless choice.

At Cover Styl, we have plenty of inspiration for you, whether it's marble effect adhesive films, natural stone, wood, leather or textile, these are elements that will warm up your interiors and make them more cozy and modern!

Pops of Colours: vibrant colors to bring dynamism and optimism in our daily life

On the opposite side, another trend is on the rise: vibrant colors that bring original touch and take us out of the routine. It's not surprising, since considering the latest events in the world, it is quite justified to look for more color and vibrancy in everyday life.

Plus, colors have this power to make us more creative, more happy and more optimistic!

We first saw the "color block" coming during the fashion shows and, little by little, vibrant colors were introduced in interior design. Walls, furniture, but also small decorative elements can be transformed and transform the space, with the right color accents.

The only advice we would like to share with you is to be careful not to overdo it, because it is easy to do too much. Our designer suggests that you don't mix more than 3 colors in a single room, because you may get the opposite and weigh it down.

What if we told you that we have two entire ranges, the Solid Colour and Soft Touch adhesive films, that can be used to give your interior spaces a makeover? A large choice, from more sober colors to "pop" colors, to answer your most daring creative ideas!

Speaking of daring design ideas, the Glitter and Metallic ranges are a step further towards a decoration that stands out from the crowd and will certainly make an impression.

The Cover Styl Trend Collection

As you may have guessed, the global economic situation is not only impacting the economic reality, but also the design trends. Whether it's neutral or vibrant colors, they reflect the need to escape from reality, a kind of escape to a better world through interior design.

If you want to learn more about the design trends of 2023, our team has prepared a brochure, our "Trend Collection" of the year: inspiring ideas, carefully chosen images to better visualize your plans and our references, so that you can start your projects without any obstacles!

For your renovation projects, Cover Styl has all the necessary elements to help you find the most modern, durable and original solutions.

And as a bonus, all this at a much more affordable price compared to traditional renovation and with less impact on the environment. Do you want to know more? Contact us and let's bring your next interior design project to life with Cover Styl.