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What is the influence of colors on our behavior and productivity?

October 7, 2022

Thinking about work with a new vision

At the beginning of the health crisis, we became nomads in our jobs and had to adapt to new ways of working by being flexible. Many companies have had to reorganize their employees' workspaces, for example by installing dividers or partitions in the offices.

The number of people teleworking has also exploded. But not all of us had a dedicated space in our house or apartment. So we also had to create a space for ourselves.

What about the influence of colors on our well-being?

Scientific studies show that colors can have an impact on our behavior and can improve our well-being. Some colors can make you nervous or completely distracted while other colors will have a more positive influence on you.

Which colors influence your productivity and how?

In some offices and workplaces, a reflection on the decoration or the addition of colors is not always done. As a result, some of you may find yourself in very white and bland rooms. Of course, this color gives a clean and fresh effect, but it is easy to get bored and limit your productivity. 100% white is a no-no!

Of course, we won't be able to color all the walls of your office, but why not add a few colored areas that can already have an impact on your creativity!

Cover Styl' blue references: M4. NF06 ; NF14 ; O2 ; O4 ;

Blue is well known for its positive effects on general well-being and well-being at work. It is said to have a relaxing effect. In the office, blue promotes a healthy and calm work environment, helping employees stay focused and productive. Adding a blue adhesive film to your business premises will help you feel at ease. You can even add touches of blue in your meeting rooms for example.

Cover Styl' red and orange references: L2. L3 : L50 ; M8 ; NE53

Warm colors such as red, orange and yellow are colors that stimulate thinking and decision making. However, these colors should be used in small touches in different corners of your office. These colors may have an influence on your decision making!

Cover Styl' green references: L2. L3 : L50 ; M8 ; NE53

Green is a relaxing color and is often associated with balance of mind, body and emotions. In short, the perfect color for your well-being and stimulating work environment. Green is also associated with productivity and creativity, so a green adhesive film is perfect for your shared workspace or personal office.

Just like blue, there are many shades of green to choose from, from pastel to very dark green.

Now you can see how colors influence our behavior, productivity and creativity. Choose colors that create a dynamic and creative work environment, whether it's a meeting room where your employees are comfortable or a coworking space.

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