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The renovation of an Ikea table in a flash

October 5, 2022

What kind of Ikea table can be renovated with adhesives?

The advantage of adhesive coverings is the wide range of surfaces to which we can apply them. And it doesn't matter whether it's a classic table or a coffee table. The adhesives can be installed on all classic table surfaces such as metal, wood, plastic or glass.

Of course, they can also be applied to the tops and legs of Ikea tables.

What are the advantages of renovating your Ikea tables with adhesives?

Easier maintenance

Many materials get dirty very quickly with stains that are sometimes extremely difficult to remove. Architectural vinyls are very easy to clean with just soap and water.

Unlimited Customization

Our Cover Styl' adhesives come in a variety of colors and materials that allow for a great deal of personalization. Whether you want a colored table or with material effects, anything is possible.

In fact, we have adhesives that will perfectly imitate wood, stone, metals, textiles, leather and marble. Some of these adhesives are also available in a textured version which adds a touch of depth and realism.

Save money

Many people change tables because the color no longer suits them in the new layout or room design, but with adhesives it is no longer necessary to buy a new table every time you change, peeling and reattaching an adhesive film will be much less expensive than buying a new table.

Unparalleled simplicity

Renovating with adhesive has absolutely nothing to do with more "traditional" renovations. For the renovation of a wooden table, for example, no more noisy sanders, no more protective varnish and no more smelly paint.

The adhesive is very easy to apply and there is no risk of creating bubbles or imperfections. A way of proceeding that is still too underestimated but that will greatly simplify the task of all those who will be in charge of this renovation.

In conclusion, it seems clear that renovating an Ikea table rather than changing it is a good solution, whether economically, ecologically or even for a design aspect that will not be found elsewhere.

Do not hesitate to contact our team of experts to obtain all the information you may need and also to obtain the most precise and personalized estimate possible.