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Decorate your open space with an architectural film

July 28, 2022

Create areas

When you have a small workspace, it is essential to maximise productivity. The best way to do this is to divide your office into zones: a zone for meetings, a zone for the office, and a zone for collaborative tasks or a breakout area, for example.

Not only will creating zones maximise efficiency in your open space, it will also make it more comfortable. Your personal organisation should be reflected in your space so that it is easier to accomplish your tasks without distraction.

Choose smart furniture

The choice of office furniture to maximise productivity has been shown to have significant positive effects on individual employee performance and overall team morale.

Adding colour to your open space décor

Why is colour important? Colour in a workspace can maximise productivity.

Use warmer colours to improve concentration, attention span and memory. Try a shade of red, orange or pink to improve performance when trying to complete tasks that require a lot of creativity, such as planning a marketing campaign or writing a business plan.

Use an adhesive covering to cover the walls in your open space, either completely or in small patches. For example, the Cover Styl' range of solid colours offers red/pink tones or even more orangey wood imitation films.


Green is also recommended for its association with vitality and wealth. Add green to your open space decoration by choosing shades of this colour. At Cover Styl' you can choose from a mint green, a flashy green or the Soft Touch forest green shade.

The energy of this colour will help you stay awake while working on more detailed projects that require more attention, such as finalising figures for a budget report.

Brown is perfect for those who need some stimulation, as it stimulates both appetite and alertness. Add it to your décor by applying a textile or wood effect architectural film to your furniture, for example your desk or storage unit.

Using patterns

Patterns are perfect for open spaces, as they give a sense of order and calm. They are also a more discreet choice for an office, as if they are too bright or busy they can become too stimulating. We recommend that you use decor that stands out with interesting colours and textures rather than going overboard with patterns. This is easier to do when you have a large open space to fill!

With our Cover Styl' architectural films, you can cut out any shape you like or even print custom designs on them.

Want to see what our architectural films look and feel like? We'll send you free samples. Write to us!