Interior design trends in 2024: what architects need to know
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Interior design trends in 2024: what architects need to know

July 3, 2024

Minimalism: still a top decorating trend

In 2024, the perfect home will feature minimalist features and neutral tones. Softness and serenity are the watchwords for a trendy, modern decor.

To add a little relief and avoid composing a bland interior, we favor fine lines and curves. This can take the form of rounded furniture or the installation of arches and vaults inside houses and apartments. In terms of color, modestly sized interiors can be adorned in beige, faded white or old rose. These are trendy hues that help to visually enlarge the space.


For larger spaces, earthy tones such as terracotta or chocolate brown can be used. It's worth noting that renovating an interior space doesn't necessarily require major work. To change wall paint, interior designers can turn to decorative wall film. Easier and quicker to apply, it will transform any room in the blink of an eye.

Unlike paint, it's odorless and requires no preparation or drying time. A real boon for architects, who often have to meet time constraints while staying within the budget imposed by the customer.

Back to the Seventies with the retro decorating trend

The other decorating trend of 2024 stands in stark contrast to modern minimalism: Seventies-style interior design. For this return to the past, don't hesitate to choose brighter hues, reminiscent of the color explosion of the 1970s. Oranges, reds, yellows and browns can be easily combined in the same interior. And don't forget the geometric patterns and shapes that adorn the walls for an even more retro effect. Cover Styl' offers a range of self-adhesive wallpapers in multiple patterns and vintage geometric shapes, enabling you to create an interior that perfectly matches the latest decorating trends.

Flying saucer atmosphere for a trip into space from home

In 2024, the Space Age is making a comeback. Having dominated the world of interior design at the dawn of the 1960s, the Space Age features furniture with rounded, original shapes, transforming homes into futuristic Star Trek-style space shuttles.

To immerse yourself in this retro decorating trend, don't hesitate to play on the combination of different colors and materials. Furniture and walls can be adorned in red, orange, pearly white or chrome.

As for furnishings, metallic kitchen counters, leather armchairs and tweed seats are favored. There's no need to invest in brand-new furniture to decorate your new home. Simply cover existing pieces with decorative adhesive film.

The texture and rendering of Cover Styl furniture film offer a realistic result, enabling architects to complete their project in the shortest possible time, while offering their customers more ecological and economical alternatives for their interior design.