Glitter adhesive film for your store's Christmas decorations
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Glitter adhesive film for your store's Christmas decorations

February 22, 2024

Magical Christmas windows

Every year, store windows are adorned with beautiful decorations to welcome the enchantment of Christmas. Use glitter adhesive film to decorate your store windows. Create festive, colorful patterns that will transport customers into a world of magic.

You can cut out stars, snowflakes, Christmas trees, reindeer or other seasonal motifs and stick them on the windows to create a festive atmosphere.

Festive walls

Inside your commercial space, create a festive, friendly atmosphere by decorating your walls. Use self-adhesive film to cover entire walls for festive occasions, or cut out themed motifs to make original decorations. Decorative glitter film is easy to apply and remove. You can then create festive, original designs to match the seasons, and easily remove them after the holidays.

Hanging decorations

To make your in-store Christmas decorations even more impressive and original, create hanging figures by cutting themed shapes from glitter adhesive film and hanging them from the ceiling. Stars, garlands or festive messages like the iconic "Merry Christmas" can be hung from walls and ceiling to add height and visual interest to your space.

A sparkling Christmas tree

What would Christmas be without the traditional Christmas tree? Don't miss this opportunity to immerse your store in a welcoming atmosphere that honors tradition. Put up a Christmas tree and decorate it with glittery adhesive paper. You'll be able to create personalized ornaments and make your beautiful tree shine with just a few chisel strokes.

Staging items

Did you know that Cover Styl adhesive film can be applied to both walls and furniture? Don't hesitate to create real decorations around your store's star products. Showcase your merchandise with festive backgrounds. Cover stalls and counters with adhesive film to showcase your products. At the end of the festive season, the wallpaper can be removed without a trace. Signage

You can also use glitter adhesive film to create temporary signage to guide your customers to Christmas sections or special promotions. Cut out festive or commercial messages to highlight new products, promotions or items sold in batches.

Christmas decorations for your store that reflect your image

There are a multitude of creative and festive ways to use adhesive glitter for your store's Christmas decorations. It creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere that will entice your customers and put them in the magical spirit of the festive season.