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Designing a hotel room: how to make it a place that guests like

November 22, 2022

Create a comforting atmosphere in your hotel room

Guests who come to stay in a hotel are usually looking for peace and quiet. Whether they are there for a vacation, a business trip or an overnight stopover, they need a place where they can recharge their batteries.

For a welcoming and cozy hotel room, choose a light decor with warm tones. For example, compose the design of the room with beige curtains, rugs on the floor, flashy pillows on the bed and pretty frames on the walls.

Natural materials such as wood or stone accentuate the feeling of well-being and warmth. So, don't hesitate to place bedside tables, a desk or a closet in wood and make a wall with a natural stone effect. If you already have furniture and do not want to change it, you can cover it with a decorative film with wood imitation. Cover Styl' offers textured vinyls with several wood species that are truer than life.

Choose the headboard that changes everything

As the centerpiece of a room, the bed plays a vital role in the design of a hotel room. It must be large and comfortable enough to offer a well-deserved rest to your guests. But it is not only practical. It also plays the role of the main decorative element of the room.

So, for a wow effect, install a headboard that makes a statement. In accordance with the rest of your interior decoration, it should nevertheless stand out from the other elements by its elegance, its originality or by its color.

If you can't find the headboard of your dreams, create it yourself with a furniture cover. Cover Styl' offers a variety of upholstery designs: fabric, wood, marble... This way, an inexpensive headboard can be transformed into a unique and luxurious decorative element.

Create an accent wall with an original adhesive film

An accent wall is the super trend in hotel decorating. Its main advantage is that it allows you to create endless designs and immerse your guests in totally different worlds.

A pretty jungle wallpaper, abstract shapes, a plain wall in a color that contrasts with the rest of the room, an exposed brick wall... The options are numerous. With Cover Styl', you can create as many compositions as there are rooms in your inn or guesthouse.

Each wall design will take only minutes to complete. With adhesive wall coverings, reinvent the design of each of your hotel rooms by creating different atmospheres and offering your guests a unique experience in your establishment.

Give the room more space for optimal hotel room design

Are the rooms in your inn, B&B or hotel small? No worries, several decorating tricks exist to bring more space to a room that is too small. First of all, choose light colors on your walls, hang curtains in warm tones and don't forget to place decorative mirrors on the walls. They will then have the function of creating an impression of space.

Finally, do not clutter the room with bulky or unnecessary furniture. However, choose strong pieces (an armchair, a shelf...) that you can customize yourself with a personalized vinyl to create a 100% unique furniture.

Focus on light effects

Beautiful light fixtures change the way we perceive a space. This is especially true when it comes to hotel room design. Don't hesitate to install several lamps in the whole room in order to make your customers bathe in a bright and warm atmosphere.

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