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Door renovation solutions

March 12, 2024

Back to basics with a natural wood door

Do you have wooden doors? Go natural and restore them to their former glory. Sanding and varnishing can help you restore a door's original appearance for a retro-chic interior. Remove the old varnish or paint, then sand the surface to eliminate irregularities and imperfections before applying a new coat of varnish directly to the raw wood.

Renovating a door with paint for a neat, clean finish

If you want to change the color of a door, you can repaint it partially or completely.


Choose a hue that matches your decor, or opt for a classic tone such as white, off-white or beige to refresh the door's appearance. However, be sure to buy paint that matches the material of your door, for a neat finish and good adhesion.

Glass door or French window: play the color card

You can replace a wood or PVC door with a glass door or French window to bring more natural light indoors and create a visual connection with the outside. You can also add a touch of fantasy to a plain interior with a colored tempered glass door. For an economical way of decorating, you can renovate your glass door by applying adhesive window film.

These are available in a range of colors. They let you have fun with your inspiration of the moment. Window film lets the light through, while immersing the room in a soft, colorful atmosphere. Another notable advantage is that the film can be changed to suit your mood.

Top-of-the-range doors at reduced prices thanks to adhesive film

Would you like a new door in wood, concrete or metal for an original look? Replacing a door is often complex and costly. To save money, cover your door with an adhesive film. It's an excellent way to renovate your door and completely change its appearance without replacing it entirely.

Cover Styl offers vinyl for covering walls and furniture, guaranteeing a neat, professional result. There are several advantages to using adhesive film to renovate a door. It's more economical and environmentally friendly than replacing a door.

It requires no preparation or drying time. The film used for door renovation is also resistant to minor impacts and scratches, guaranteeing a reliable, long-lasting result.

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