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How good are architectural film for interior design?

July 28, 2022

1 - A wide range of products

At Cover Styl', one of our main feelings of pride is that we can offer our customers a multitude of choices to suit all their tastes and needs. Whether you are an architect, a hotelier, a renovator, or an architectural film installer, we are sure to have the design you are looking for!

We offer more than ** 470 references** in 9 ranges with different colours and textures: wood, solid colour, marble, natural stone, metallic, fabric, leather, glitter, and soft touch.

2 - An important stock

It is important to us that your orders are delivered as quickly as possible. That's why we keep a very large stock to ensure that your projects are a success. In addition, we have an excellent warehouse flow, so our products are never stored for more than 3 years. So you don't have to worry about the quality of our products.

3 - We have our own training center

Yes, you read that right! We have our own training center in our Luxembourg office and two expert trainers in the field of adhesive covering. We offer our customers two days of comprehensive training between theory and practice. You will leave as a certified installer!

More information about our training courses.

4 - A lot of marketing tools

At Cover Styl', we want you to grow! In fact, this is an integral part of our DNA. Within our marketing department, we create numerous printed or digital sales aids: brochures, swatches, flyers, videos, product guides, etc. A good start in the world of vinyl!

And the icing on the cake, our marketing tools are fully customizable to your image!

5 - A certified worldwide network

We have customers all over the world! Thanks to our training, webinars, and the proven quality of our products, we have a huge network of certified installers.

6 - Products with many benefits

Our adhesive coverings are easy to install and maintain.

Here are the main advantages

  • No noise, no odour, no dust: a clean and smooth renovation

  • Quick installation that can be done in only one day

  • Multi-surface application: solid wood, laminated wood, plasterboard, plastic, aluminium, glass, wallpaper, tiles, false ceilings

  • Stretchable to fit round furniture

  • Suitable for wet areas such as bathrooms

7 - Low minimum order quantity

And we are flexible too! We don't force you to buy a whole roll when you only need a few meters. We take the hassle out of it and we can help you. We don't want to sell you what you don't need!

8 - A team at your side for the realisation of your projects

If you have any questions about our products, materials, or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact us. Whether you need project-specific advice or documentation to help you convince your customer, our teams are available to help you!

9 - A product approved by major brands

Major brands such as Accor, Holiday Inn, Marriott, Auchan and Carrefour have already used Cover Styl' to renovate hotels, restaurants, offices, shops...

Find here some of our achievements.

10 - A 10-year guarantee

Our Cover Styl' product is guaranteed for 10 years for all indoor installations against fading, yellowing, etc. We offer you high-performance solutions to provide you with the maximum possible technical and economic benefits.

Are you a professional in the renovation or decoration sector? Our adhesive covering is surely for you!

Contact us to receive your free samples!