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Restaurant wall decoration

August 3, 2022

What can adhesive coatings do for you?

1. Savings

Renovating an entire restaurant can quickly become a money pit. That's why using adhesive wall coverings can be a good idea. In fact, on average, the installation of an adhesive coating can save between 50% and 70% compared to more traditional work solutions.

2. Complete customization

With more than 470 references, our adhesive ranges will meet all expectations, you can find solid colors as well as wood effect films, metal, natural stone and more. Some even have a textured effect for even more realism. All of these adhesives can be placed in any location to create an atmosphere that is 100% unique and to your liking.

3. Simplified organization

Unlike work that requires the use of paint, renovations with adhesive are totally ** odorless and cause no noise pollution**. Two advantages that may allow you to avoid closing the establishment for too long, if at all. This point is also to be added to the financial aspect of the work.

4. Peace of mind

Our Cover Styl' films are guaranteed for 10 years, which ensures that you will not have any problems during this period. Moreover, if you wish to change the decoration, no problem, you will only have to remove the old wall adhesives to place new ones.

5. Ease of maintenance

It is logical that in restaurants, the risk of food or liquid spills on the walls is greater than elsewhere. Unlike painted walls or walls with other solutions, walls with an adhesive coating are very easy to clean.

Most stains disappear with only soap and water. Two ingredients to clean everything, that's pretty good, right?

Why stop at walls?

Our adhesives don't just stick to walls, they can be installed on drywall, glass, wood, and even tile surfaces.



At Cover Styl', we have a simple motto: **If you have tables, chairs or sideboards that are showing signs of aging such as dings or discoloration, it is possible to use adhesive coatings to give them a facelift and even match your walls.


Regardless of the type of door: glass, wood or metal, you can have an adhesive film installed to match the rest of your restaurant and/or give it a new lease on life.

The front of the restaurant

We've already written a whole article about the value of adhesives for interior facades. If this is something you might be interested in for your restaurant, we invite you to check it out to better understand its interest.

The value of looking at adhesive rather than paint or tile for the renovation of restaurant walls is real and not just aesthetic.

Do not hesitate to contact our expert teams to obtain more information on the products and thus, obtain a quote corresponding exactly to your needs.