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Create an office with an industrial style

September 1, 2022

How to create an office with an industrial style?

To create a good decoration in an industrial style for your office, you need a set of raw and rustic materials that will love a lot of robustness to the space.

Indeed, the industrial style meets specific criteria: a lot of wood and quite a bit of steel, red bricks and leather. A return to the essentials that will allow to exploit the materials as a whole and to prove that doing with less is often better. Hence a preponderance of raw wood and metal to complete your decoration in industrial tones.

Why create an industrial atmosphere in the office?

The industrial style is pure and minimalist. Elements that make it easy to focus on more intense professional tasks.

By having less knick-knacks available, employees will perform better. We often hear that if a space is well arranged and tidy, it will leave more mental space to focus on the rest, here the work to be done.

Moreover, beyond the performance aspect and the aesthetic aspect, because yes, whatever we say, combining wood and metal is a success, there is also a durability aspect. A piece of furniture in an industrial style will always remain modern because it is in its simplest form.

Creating an industrial atmosphere in the office is a wise choice in the long term. Your furniture will age well over time and will not become obsolete. If you imagine redoing your offices in this atmosphere, you will quickly win in the exchange.


What are the colors associated with an industrial office?

The colors of want white or gray, quite simple finally. Most of the work to be done on the walls is done at the level of textures. Very often in this type of atmosphere there are brick walls (red or white) and/or metallic walls and/or leather touches.

The disadvantage is that it is extremely expensive to make a wall with real bricks or metal. And of course, you will have to close the premises during the work, so that the walls have time to dry properly.

It is in this precise case that opting for adhesive vinyls can be judicious. Indeed, the advantage of our adhesive coverings is that they can be positioned very easily and in no time. So you don't have to close the house while you work. You can even have fun varying the textures on the walls and personalize each office. A time and money saver!

If the idea of creating an industrial-style office appeals to you, don't hesitate to contact our team to get more details on the adhesives. The team can even provide you with a precise quote so that you don't have any unpleasant surprises in your budget.