Exhibition stand decoration: our explanations on how to get it right
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Exhibition stand decoration: our explanations on how to get it right

December 5, 2022

Why decorate your trade show stand?

When participating in a trade fair, exhibition or show, you want to promote your company and highlight your expertise. You want to meet your prospects, engage them in discussion, arouse their interest and gain their trust. But in order to prove yourself, you must first attract their attention.

Successful trade show stand decoration is a real marketing asset that will help you win over your future buyers. In the crowded aisles full of exhibitors, you need to stand out to make passers-by want to stop and take an interest in your business. To do this, your stand must be original, aesthetic and above all correspond to your company's brand image.

How to decorate a company stand to attract prospects?

First of all, ask yourself what are the dominant colours in your brand image. What atmosphere will you create in your stand to make it stand out from the rest? For example, if you offer massage services, you can create a stand with warm colours, wooden furniture and plants.

If you sell new technology, invite visitors to come and try your products. Set up comfortable armchairs and sofas and create a stand that makes them want to stay in that reassuring atmosphere for as long as possible. There are so many ways to create an effective and attractive exhibition stand. Cover Styl' can help you with all your designs.

Quickly decorate your booth for the next trade fair by applying a decorative coating to the furniture and walls. Effective, fast and economical. No paint, no glue and no tools.


What elements are important for a successful trade fair stand decoration?

First of all, to decorate a trade fair stand, your brand and logo should be the first elements that passers-by see. This will make it easier for visitors to remember your company. Avoid a decoration that is too full of visual information and instead opt for an original but airy design for your trade fair booth.

As with interior design, a stand should above all be harmonious. You can install a wall covered with a patterned adhesive covering and leave the other walls of the booth in plain colours. Don't forget to install furniture that goes well with the rest of the decor: a wooden desk, armchairs to invite your visitors to sit down, light fixtures to create a warm bubble within your booth...

If you are looking to create a professional stand decoration without spending too much money, consider covering your furniture and walls with a decorative adhesive wall film specially designed for this purpose. Inexpensive, it allows you to create a complete decoration with textured patterns that imitate different materials such as wood, metal, fabric, stone, marble... Another tip is to provide goodies that customers can take with them.

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