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Decoration of the dormitories of a nursery: ideas and advice

August 11, 2022

Nursery Dormitory Design: Creating a Safe Environment

Every early childhood professional must ensure the comfort and well-being of the children in every respect. In a daycare center, this commitment implies the creation of a dormitory that respects the criteria for quality rest. Such a rest requires first of all a secure environment that will allow the child to fulfill his sleep needs.

Therefore, since quietness favors quality sleep, a nursery dormitory is incompatible with noise. Secondly, children sleep better in a place where the ambient temperature is around 20°C. Indeed, cold can disturb their sleep and heat even more. Ventilation is another important criterion for the design of a nursery dormitory. A well ventilated space is better suited to the breathing rhythm of children, which is faster than that of adults.

And before thinking about the decoration of the nursery dormitory, you should also know that sunlight is essential for a healthy space. Ideally, the resting space should face east.

Decorating a nursery dormitory: guaranteeing calm and reassurance

At some point, you'll need to use adhesive imitation wood, in a solid color or in another style, in the decoration of a nursery dormitory. But before you get to this kind of covering, you will have to think in detail, about the layout to put in place in this resting space for the little ones.

You should know that the atmosphere of a nursery dormitory is incompatible with any aggressive lighting. Therefore, choose a soft light. And children do not need to sleep in total darkness, especially during the day. Light reassures them because most 18-month to 5-year-olds are "afraid of the dark. Plus, a lighted room is more conducive to monitoring children.

The decoration, on the other hand, should be dark. Colors that are too bright or too varied are not recommended. To harmonize the different surfaces, consider a film adhesive in a solid color, in a shade that helps children fall asleep. Of course, the nursery is free to use a patterned covering, such as adhesive imitation marble. However, it is important to make sure that the colors chosen do not affect the quality of the children's sleep.

Designing a nursery dormitory: choosing the right bedding

It is impossible to talk about the decoration of a nursery dormitory without mentioning the choice of bedding. This one will actually depend on the age of the children.

For babies, cribs with bars that are inaccessible to the child ensure both comfort and safety. Choose a bed base with adjustable height to facilitate the work of the professionals responsible for the dormitory. The choice of mattress (in relation to the size of the bed) must strictly respect safety standards (e.g. no space in which the baby could slip his fingers or head).

On the other hand, floor cots are more suitable for older children. In addition to easy access and safety (no risk of falling), floor cribs are simply stacked. Children can access them on their own, when they feel the need.