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The best wood decoration for ultra design walls

October 4, 2022

Why decorate your walls with wood?

Wood is an ideal decorating choice if you want to immerse your home in a relaxed atmosphere. It brings warmth and design. It dresses the walls of a room and is a perfect alternative to wallpaper.

Sober and at the same time very present, the wood covering of the walls reminds the atmosphere of a Swiss chalet while making your interior travel. Timeless, wood fits perfectly in all types of interiors, from large single-family homes to small apartments, lofts, verandas, bedrooms and even professional offices...

What type of wood decoration should I choose for my walls?

There are several techniques to install wood walls in an interior. You can opt for boards to be installed one by one or choose to cover your walls with wainscot or panels... However, these techniques have the disadvantage of being expensive in terms of labor and materials. They also take longer to install.

There is a simpler, faster and more economical solution that guarantees a realistic result without any noticeable difference: the wood adhesive film. It is a self-adhesive coating that can be applied to all smooth surfaces (off the ground) of an interior: tiles, concrete... You don't need to destroy your old walls and start long works.

Highly resistant to wear and tear, humidity and UV rays, it is a safe bet for installing a wood wall without tearing down your home.

Which wood for a wall covering?

Each species has its own aesthetic qualities. Oak remains a great classic. It brings class and refinement to an interior. Cover Styl' offers several types of imitation oak cladding in different colors: beige, dark brown, gray, white ... Pine is a light wood that will suit sober and bright Scandinavian-style interiors.

At Cover Styl', you can also find walnut for its chic side, beech for a soothing and modern interior, or zebrano for a retro-futuristic, super design home. Also note that with a decorative adhesive film, you can even match your furniture to your walls!

Cover Styl' offers durable and solid coverings for renovating or customizing your furniture.

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