Do I need a salesperson to do more construction business?
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Do I need a salesperson to do more construction business?

February 22, 2024

The benefits of a construction salesperson

To boost your business and expand your renovation business, you can turn to a sales representative specialized in the construction field. They'll help you find new sites and expand your customer portfolio.

He takes care of prospecting

Delegate the task of prospecting for new customers to your sales representative. Thanks to his expert eye, he'll be better able to identify target markets, and may even take part in specialized construction trade shows. He or she will also enhance your brand image and manage the marketing side of your renovation business.

Negotiation management

If commercial negotiation isn't your forte, he can also help you sign new contracts and discuss their terms. For example, your construction salesperson will look after your search for new business opportunities.

Taking care of customer relations

He can also take care of customer relations, developing partnerships and finding reliable material suppliers.

A force for innovative proposals

Your construction sales representative can, for example, guide you towards suppliers offering innovative solutions such as decorative adhesive film. These can be used to replace materials such as wood, marble, brick or concrete, while guaranteeing long-lasting, realistic results at lower cost.

Improves the profitability of your business

If your renovation salesperson succeeds in increasing your number of contracts and thus your sales, this can lead to greater profitability for your company.

Saves you time

You can delegate some of your work to him/her, freeing up more personal and professional time. This allows you to focus more on the quality of your work, or on your personal time.

Things to consider before hiring a construction sales representative

Before hiring a sales representative for your construction company, there are a few key points to bear in mind.

The cost

One of the first obstacles to hiring a salesperson for your renovation project is the cost. Hiring a salesperson represents an additional expense for your company, particularly in terms of salary and commissions. If you're just launching your company, this can be a hindrance to its development in the early years.

Qualifications and skills

Before hiring a salesperson for your construction projects, make sure they have the necessary knowledge and experience in this field.

The sales profession requires a certain talent. Turn to a trusted professional who is qualified for the job. He or she will also need to be well-informed about your services, products and company policy, as well as your development projects. You'll need to invest time in training them to represent your company effectively.

Supervision and follow-up

While the services of a sales representative can free up your time, it's out of the question to completely delegate the management of your company to them. You'll need to supervise and monitor the professional's activities to ensure that he or she achieves his or her objectives and generates a return on investment.

Ultimately, the decision to hire a sales representative depends on your particular situation and business objectives. Weighing up the pros and cons carefully will help you make the right decision.