Case study: How one designer used self-adhesive coatings for budget decorating
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Case study: How one designer used self-adhesive coatings for budget decorating

May 24, 2024

Steps to low-budget decorating

In the case of low-cost decorating, the customer wants to modernize his apartment on a tight budget. Of course, it's important that the new space reflects their style and personality.

Adhesive film can play the role of a real Swiss army knife in this respect, proving invaluable in a number of areas.

Highlighting an accent wall

In the living room of the customer's apartment, the designer chose to create an accent wall to give the room added depth and character.

Rather than using paint, which requires the application of an undercoat and 3 coats of color, plus the purchase of materials (brushes, rollers, protective covers for furniture...), he opted for a** textured adhesive coating that imitated the look of stone**.

The rest of the walls were also covered with an off-white coating that echoed the tones of the accent wall, making the room bright and warm. This solution added character and charm to the living room without exceeding the allocated budget.


Personalizing existing furniture

Buying new furniture usually involves considerable expense, and is not compatible with a low-budget decorating project. So, instead of investing in new furniture, the designer renovated existing pieces with adhesive coatings.

In particular, he covered the living room bookcase with an imitation light oak coating. The coffee table was renovated with a concrete-like coating for an industrial touch. The kitchen countertop was covered with an imitation marble coating, giving it a luxurious look at a lower cost.

Bathroom tile renovation with adhesive film

The apartment's bathroom was also given a facelift. The dull, old-fashioned tiles were covered with an imitation ceramic adhesive film. This decorating trick gave the room a more sober, elegant look, without having to replace the old tiles.


Cost-effective decorating that's quick and efficient

Thanks to the judicious use of self-adhesive coverings, the designer was able to transform the customer's apartment in a spectacular way, while staying within his small decorating budget.

Another advantage of using self-adhesive decorative film is that it saves an incredible amount of time. There's no need for time-consuming work to completely renovate an interior. The self-adhesive film is quick and easy to apply, and just as quick to remove.

Cover Styl guarantees long-lasting, high-quality results for all its films. The end result is a modern, warm and welcoming space decorated in line with the latest trends.