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Renovate or decorate your doors with architectural film

July 28, 2022

A simple solution is to use door architectural film to simply change the style or to give a damaged door a new lease of life. Textured, durable and economical, door architectural films will bring a breath of fresh air to your home without the need for major work.

What is an architectural film for doors?

It is a self-adhesive covering or film that has a layer of glue that is applied directly to the surface to be decorated/renovated, in this case, your doors. Whether they are initially made of wood, PVC, or glass, you can install an adhesive covering on your doors.

Advantages of architectural films for doors

The architectural film is a product that you don't necessarily think about when you have a piece of furniture to renovate or just want to change its appearance. However, it is a solution that deserves to be known because it has many advantages:

  • The architectural film is quick and easy to apply

  • They are very qualitative coverings, which perfectly imitate natural materials such as wood, brick, marble, concrete...

  • Door architectural film can be installed on all types of surfaces

  • They are perfectly resistant to humidity

  • With Cover Styl', you have a wide choice of 9 categories of architectural films

  • Architectural films are stretchable to fit any shape

  • It is a material that will cost you much less than changing your doors completely

How to install an architectural film on a door ?

To install adhesive vinyl on your doors, we advise you to call a professional installer. However, it is possible to do it yourself by following these tips:

  • We recommend unlocking the door and remove the handle before cleaning it. Start by cleaning the door with a cloth to remove residue and dust. If necessary, sand the surface or make repairs with putty. Next, measure the area of the door to which you wish to apply the adhesive. Add 2 to 3 centimeters on each side so that the architectural film is larger than the surface to which it will be applied.

  • Now start applying the architectural film to the door. First, peel off about 5 cm of paper from the back of the film and fold it over so that only a small section of the adhesive surface is exposed. Then place the exposed surface of the architectural film at one end of the door and align the film over the entire surface. When the film is in the correct position, press it onto the surface. Remove the backing paper with one hand to apply the film to the rest of the door and simultaneously press the film down with the squeegee.

  • When the adhesive has been applied to the entire door, use a cutter to remove the excess film. Remember to make a 45 degree cut or sand with sandpaper. Slowly and carefully pull the cutter blade up and down along the edge of the door to cut the film. The edges are now straight and clean!

Here are some examples of self-architectural film applied on doors

adhesif-porte.png adhesif-porte.png 2.png adhesif-porte.png3.png

Contact us to request free samples of our architectural films or for more information!