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Customer requirements: Change the look of the kitchen.

Constraints: Keep your kitchen in good condition.

Why Cover Styl: Cover Styl adhesive films give a new look to a kitchen that is still in good condition, without having to replace it and at a lower cost.


Hello, bright and fresh! I already knew Cover Styl was going to be great, especially after seeing the other amazing transformations on Instagram... but wow! I really do feel like I have a brand new kitchen installed. The finish is totally impeccable, and I can't recommend them enough if you're looking to give your kitchen a makeover for less! I chose reference K7, which is a creamy grey shade. Thank you, Cover Styl - I'm in love!

Nina Bragg - Instagram @nina_moves_in

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EsencialPequeño grano
Cream GreyExtensible • Disponibilidad

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