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Hôtel Novotel Convention & Wellness Roissy CDG

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Roissy, Francie
Bar, osvětlovací skříňka

Customer requirements: Need to renovate the lounge bar and spa in a short space of time.

Requirements: Need for a specific RAL defined by the architect in charge of the project.

Why Cover Styl : Very attractive designs available. Possibility of customising the adhesive films with a specific RAL. Quick turnaround. Excellent value for money. Responsive team with good advice. Product can be installed on many types of surface.


As part of the partial renovation of our Novotel in Roissy, France, we called on the Cover Styl solution for our lounge bar and spa.

I have to say that we were very pleasantly surprised by the responsiveness and advice of the Cover Styl team, and that the solution was really impressive, with a practical and immediate result! The great potential of this covering product is truly surprising, especially as the installation surfaces were not simply flat surfaces.

In addition to the very attractive designs offered by Cover Styl, the architect had also selected certain specific RAL colours, which could be customised for this renovation. This saved us a considerable amount of time, which was a real bonus for Cover Styl. Of course, I also recommend this product for the hotel trade, given its unquestionable value for money.

Finally, I am clearly convinced that word-of-mouth will make Cover Styl the renovation solution par excellence in the future.


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