Case Study

Brioche Dorée

Obecné vlastnosti
Kavárna / restaurace
Paříž, Francie
Stěny, lišty, rámy, příčky a obrazové lišty

Customer requirements: To carry out an ambience makeover in a restaurant at low cost and to tight deadlines.

Constraints: To work alongside other companies in order to carry out the work between 10pm and 6am without disrupting their activities.

Why Cover Styl: The wood effect film gives the impression of real joinery. Renovation using self-adhesive films means that the work can be carried out in an extremely short space of time, without interrupting business and without any loss of turnover.


The renovation of 144 Champs Elysées was carried out using the Cover Styl adhesive system to achieve a stunning result in an extremely short space of time. Within 15 days, the painting companies, the fitter and Cover Styl' worked together to transform the old decoration with the new Brioche Dorée concept.

The mouldings, frames, partitions and picture rails were completely covered in this magical film, which gives the impression of real woodwork. Not only is the result fantastic and magical, but the fact that the work was carried out between 10pm and 6am with no disruption to the business and therefore no loss of turnover meant that the companies were able to work together in full compliance with the company's requirements.

The process is a real breakthrough for transforming the atmosphere of a retail and catering establishment at lower cost and in a very short space of time.

A big thank you to everyone for this renovation.

Hubert MOURCELY - Renovation Manager BRIOCHE DORÉE

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