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Customer needs: To bring the kitchen of their new home into line with their taste at a lower cost.

Constraints: To keep the kitchen in good condition.

Why Cover Styl : Cover Styl self-adhesive films allow you to change the look of your kitchen without spending a lot of money on a new kitchen.


I honestly can't recommend it highly enough! When the fitters finished last night, I just looked at it, and in particular, when I woke up this morning and could see more of it in the natural light, I just couldn't believe it was the same kitchen. Obviously we've made our own adjustments, but I just couldn't believe how chic it looks, and how incredible the finishes and the quality of the vinyl are. It really is stunning! And I feel a real sense of pride that this kitchen is now ours.

Emma Hill - Instagram @emmahillhome

Emma Hill - @emmahill.jpg

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